Artist’s statement

I think of my art as being about emergence–the generation of order through the interaction of many small parts operating according to their own rules. We see this phenomenon in nature all the time, and I attempt to explore this in my art. I’ve coined the phrase Cybernetic Expressionism to describe what I do–using “cybernetic” not to refer to digital technology, but in its older sense involving mechanisms of feedback and control.

When I sit down to paint, I usually have little or no idea what I’m going to do. I simply pick a color and start working, continuing in whatever way the work suggests, and thinking about it as little as possible. My paintings emerge spontaneously through the various feedback loops involved in the process: my subconscious mind and my conscious awareness, my brain and my hand, my hand and the brush, the brush and the paint flowing from it, the paint and the canvas, the overall image and my eyes, my eyes and my brain, and back again into my subconscious.

Through these constant interactions and the meditative dance that they create, I work to bring forth the image as it wishes to appear. Often the result looks to me like a landscape seen from above, with its own rhythm and logic; occasionally, figures appear as well, peeking out at me through the fog.

I’m normally a quite cerebral person, and my art is a way to bypass my intellect and tap into my subconscious. Each painting is a moment in a long, ongoing conversation between my id, my ego, and my materials.

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